Today we offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative health solutions to more than 26 million members across all 50 states that help members get and stay healthy. At the intersection of Centene’s growth and our impact on communities exists our core beliefs and values. Center to those values is our commitment to remove barriers to health and invest in local partnerships. In adherence to that commitment, Centene launched a range of initiatives and programs that address specific community challenges through collaborations with government, healthcare, and community partners.

Centene's Materiality Assessment Process

In early 2020, we completed a materiality* assessment to prioritize Centene’s Environmental, Social, Health, and Governance topics (ESHG), taking care to align our approach with Centene’s business strategy and long-term planning. Our ESHG Strategic Framework expresses Centene’s commitments to Protect Our Planet, Serve Our Communities, Live Our Values, and Cultivate Healthier Lives while identifying 16 key business areas essential to our success.

Three step materiality assessment process depicted with icons

Industry and Peer-
Group Analysis

Executive Interviews
and Stakeholder Input

Prioritize Topics and Align Environmental, Social, Health, and Governance Strategic Framework with Centene’s Long-Range Planning

*The use of the term “materiality” should not be construed as a statement by Centene that the item is material for purposes of U.S. securities laws.


Protect Our Planet

Build resilience to environment-related health risks and support earth-friendly initiatives for a livable future.

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Environmental Impacts on Health

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Environmental Sustainability


Cultivate Healthier Lives

Provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare that helps people live healthier lives.

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Healthcare Quality

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Healthcare Affordability

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Healthcare Access

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Research and Development

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Public Policy

As a leader in government-sponsored healthcare, Centene is in a unique position to address the environmental, social, and health barriers that impact our most vulnerable populations.

- Sarah London, CEO, Centene

Sarah London, CEO, Centene

Environmental, Social, Health and Governance Oversight

Board Oversight

Through its Governance Committee, the Centene Board of Directors provides strategic oversight into how the company addresses matters of ESHG importance. The committee is chaired by Jessica Blume, with Wayne DeVeydt, Frederick Eppinger, and Lori Robinson serving as committee members. The Audit and Compliance Committee has responsibilities for ESG financial reporting disclosures and the controls and procedures for the Company’s ESG disclosures.


The Company's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) function is responsible for maintaining Centene's ESHG Strategic Framework. Designated members of the ERM team have primary responsibilities for ESHG activities including identifying and monitoring environmental and climate-related risks, obtaining and reporting metrics related to environmental, social, health, and governance matters, and facilitating internal and external communications, including learnings.  

ESHG Champions

The ESHG team maintains relationships with leaders from key business units, which enables information to be shared across the organization. This set of leaders is responsible for advancing our ESHG strategy across the enterprise and recommending enhancements to Centene’s ESHG capabilities. 

Centene, which has been a member of the World Economic Forum for more than a decade, has long been at the forefront of the conversation about how social and environmental factors can impact health and healthcare access.

- James Dallas, Chairman of the Board, Centene

James Dallas, Chairman of the Board, Centene

A Global Vision

As an active partner with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, we recognize that participation in global initiatives is critical to our business goals and objectives. In 2020, Centene became a founding signatory to the Ethical Principles in Health Care (EPiHC), a collaborative effort between the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank to develop a set of principles to promote ethical conduct and to support ethical standards for healthcare delivery.

Logo depicting Ethical Principals in Health Care EPIHC


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

UN developmental goals

In 2016, the United Nations presented a set of Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) that exemplify a shared global vision to transform the world by ending poverty, rescuing the planet, and building a perfect world. These goals closely align with Centene’s purpose and serve as a cornerstone of our ESHG strategic framework.

Please see our 2021 Report to the Community (page 25) for further information on how Centene is contributing toward these goals.