At Centene, we recognize that the healthcare industry is constantly evolving. We take the lead in challenging ourselves and the world around us to be better. The continuous growth and development of our people is a top business priority. 

We believe in the power of learning and the value of employees having the opportunities to reinvent themselves. We actively provide employees with opportunities to learn and grow within their current roles as well as for roles in the future.

Centene empowers each employee to lead from where they are. Whether employees access leadership training through the different leadership programs offered through Centene University, or apply to tailored programs through the St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative or the Hispanic Leadership Institute, we recognize the importance of investing in leaders at all levels.

Centene also partners with employees to solicit their knowledge and ideas. Centene established SPARK, its annual employee crowdsourcing innovation competition, which gives team members the opportunity to introduce new ideas and solutions.

Employee Engagement and Insights

As a valuable part of Centene, our community of employees is critical. Their talent, focus, and determination help drive our success as a purpose-driven company. We welcome employee feedback and insights, which further improve Centene’s employee experience and workplace culture.


Employee Engagement

Centene’s engagement index was measured at 88%, surpassing the Fortune 100 benchmark at 82%.

DEI Index

Centene’s DEI index was measured at 86% of team members responding that Centene reflects an open and inclusive culture and workplace.

Proud to Work for Centene

88% of team members report that they are proud to work for Centene (+2 points above the Fortune 100 benchmark).

employees learning in a group settingEmployee Learning & Career Planning

At Centene, we take the lead in challenging ourselves and the world around us to be better. The continuous growth and development of our people is a top business priority. We believe in the power of learning. Through Centene University employees can explore opportunities for career development, learning programs, and self-directed learning. Available to employees across the enterprise, Centene University offers a variety of programs and resources on topics such as leadership, operations, diversity and inclusion, technology, mentoring, and career development.

Our Learning & Development team provides a wide variety of programs including customized programs based on departmental needs and objectives. For example, our Leading in a New Era program sets the stage for successful management of hybrid teams by underlining the importance of connecting teams to purpose, effectively communicating, and building and maintaining relationships through trust. Other program topics include emotional intelligence, teamwork, presentation skills, coaching, and leading through change.

Centene's dedication to gender parity is demonstrated throughout our organization, and we continue to ensure we implement best-in-class strategies to foster leadership and professional growth for women at Centene.